• Mamai (Mother in Gaelic)-sample2:51



"Susan Coti's storytelling holds magic for audiences of all ages.  Through her stories, she lifts us in a short instant from our over-gadgeted lives to places of meaning and delight."

Kit Young

Music Faculty

Washington International School

Washington, DC

"To create something special for a dinner party, Susan Coti shared some stories for the evening's entertainment.  Her stories were spellbinding-there wasn't even a whisper while she spoke.  Ms. Coti provided a real and memorable highlight to our evening, and I'm going to engage her again when the opportunity arises."

Gene Kilby

Washington, DC

"What a wonderful experience to hear Susan's storytelling!  She mesmerized the audience with her lovely voice and demeanor.  Her story was one for both the youthful audience as well as for the adults.  I enjoyed the way she skillfully wove her tale from a sad beginning to a dramatic, happy ending."

Sunda Khin

Fairfax, VA

"Susan Coti was terrific!  Her accent, timing and intonation were just great.  I was so drawn into her story, I didn't want her to stop.  Truly impressive."

Christine Stoessel

​Washington, DC